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Do I need to register my trailer?

Mackay Trailers offers on the spot registration when you purchase your new trailer. We can have you on the road within minutes of your trailer purchase and no need to line up at Queensland Transport.

How do I know if my vehicle is capable of towing a trailer?

You should check the vehicle's handbook or contact your local dealer for your vehicle's towing capacity. Our experienced staff may also be able to inform you of your vehicle's towing capacity and find the right trailer for you.

How do I hook the trailer up to my vehicle?

Our friendly staff will ensure that your trailer is hooked correctly, wheels checked and the lights are functioning before you leave the premises. Please feel free to ask any questions so that you are comfortable with the process of hooking and unhooking your trailer.

Does a trailer need to be serviced?

Regular checks on your wheels (spinning freely without being wobbly), lights (working correctly), coupling (securing correctly and safety catch is firm) and brakes (if fitted) are simple to do yourself and should be done as often as you can.  Any mechanical work needed beyond your skill level should be handed to a qualified mechanic.

Do you sell parts for trailers?

Mackay Trailers offers a great range of parts to keep your trailer on the road. We can also sell you the necessary parts and give advice on how to build your own trailer.


I already have my own trailer - can I buy just the camper top to fit onto it?

The ABCAR camper top can be sold separately and can easily be fitted onto certain box trailers.

Is it possible to take the camper off and use the trailer on its own?

Yes, you only need to undo the hinge bolts and lift off the camper. The trailer can then be used as any other box trailer.

Do your campers come with a kitchen or annexe?

Our campers have many extras available including Stainless Steel Kitchen, Water Tanks, Tool Boxes, Ensuites, extra walls ...and much more.


Do I need to register a boat trailer?

Mackay Trailers offers on the spot registration when you purchase your new trailer.

Does my boat trailer require brakes?

Australian Law requires that if the Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) of your boat trailer and load does not exceed 750kg, trailer brakes are not required. The GTM will be found on the 'Trailer Vin Plate' or may be specified on the trailer's registration label.


Do I need to register a horse float?

Mackay Trailers offers on the spot registration when you purchase your new horse float.

Can I put an electric brake control unit on my horse float so that any vehicle can tow it?

You can legally put a brake control unit on any trailer up to a GTM (Gross Trailer Mass) of 2000kg. A lot of our floats have a GTM of 2000kg. The towing vehicle must be able to control the brakes from the cab for any trailer over 2000kg GTM. Putting a brake control unit in cab is a safer and more reliable way to apply electric brakes.

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